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tv   [untitled]    February 2, 2013 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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live music after ten. about smoking in the street, there is nothing that you can do about that. do people drink in the street? alcohol? >> no. i mean, whenever we see somebody with a beverage out there we tell them that it will get us into problems with the city. >> do you have security of anybody who works outside? >> we have a volunteer that will work the day, because someone comes in that is where someone pays admission and that is our volunteer the person that will inform people. >> it is not okay to drink on the street. any time. >> okay. >> right. >> okay, in that way you will have to come into compliance. you have 650 square foot space if you got volunteers together and you researched sound proofing your ceiling it would not be that expensive. you could do it absolutely.
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okay. thank you. >> i had a question, your neighbor indicated that the noise goes on until the music goes on until 1 in the morning. do you want to comment on that? >> sure. and this is an area that i think we are planning to make some changes. the way that we do our programming, is that on weekend nights, for most of the year, we start our performances at 8:00 and they go until ten. later, in the summer months we change that in 9 to 11 because of the light of day and it is bright out and the other exception is the event called the map, the mission arts and performance project which is a neighborhood event that happens every two months on the first saturday. and that is the one exception where we run late into the night to midnight. we have over the years made
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concessions, you can imagine artists starting out in a space could go to 4:00 in the morning and things did run late early and little by little we rolled it back. and we conversed with our neighbor, about that. saying that we would cut it back. but understanding now the permit, that we are seeking, those exceptions whether it is summer, or whether it is that event, all of that is null and void. so everything will have to finish by ten. and i hope that that would also contribute to some better regard between our neighbor as well as a starting point. >> okay. i assume you have a cell phone. >> yes. >> you are always at the venue when it is operating? or did >> do i personally? >> no, not always. >> okay. >> would you be agreeable to the condition of granting the permit to give your cell phone number and the people that
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would be there to take responsibility for problems to your neighbors so that she could have first-hand access to so you could react to problems if they were existing? >> i can't speak for anybody else in terms of giving out their personal cell phone numbers. but... >> you are not going to get the permit then, as far as i am concerned. you have to... this is a requirement that we impose on all of our permits when there is especially when there is neighborhood concerns, you want to work with the community and we want to give a method for people that are having problems to get a hold of somebody to deal with them. >> yeah. i mean i could give me number and i could talk and i mean literally, i am not authorized to give out private phone number. >> working for you? >> yeah, but i don't... >> if i called up a business, i don't think, i don't understand
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when... >> if someone needed a manager, they are in charge, even though it is a private number. then, if they are not willing to let the community contact them with that number, then i would suggest that they should be, the person that you put in charge you should find somebody that is willing to interact with the community. >> yeah. i am not saying... >> or... e >> i am not saying that would not happen i would want to have a conversation with them and say in order for this permit is that the city is asking for us to give... does that not seem... >> are you able to get a cell phone or something that could stay there in the venue, that is on hand? >> yeah, we could. >> because they need to be able to contact you immediately if there is a problem, if it is too loud, or if it is after ten and the music is playing and if you are not going to be there a lot of times the promosters are not as conscience yus as the
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owners. we need to get in the contact inside of the venue for the neighbors. >> yes. >> there needs to be line a land line or a cell phone. >> okay. >> there is a land line. >> okay. >> i understand the issue is that she needs to be able to contact immediately. >> right. on premises. >> the land line is fine as long as the person answers is capable of responding to the issue not just someone who is hanging out in there or has no authority to do anything. just says that i will pass it on and hangs up. this is our standard practice for all permits that they have direct contact and that with cell phones that is the logical way to go. you know? >> okay. >> so that is going to be something that i am going to put on and you are also going to be subjected to sound tests from the vaj, to make sure you
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know, when you do amplified music that you are not, you know, outside of the legal limit of decibels. okay? >> question? >> yes. >> have you made any other out reach to your neighbors besides maria? >> yes, there is i believe that there is quite a number of neighbors that are here in the room today. >> all right. >> we did out reach, you know, we sent out e-mails and we did a lot of social media. there is neighbors that we are in touch with just you know, face-to-face. they said that there is a number that are here that i think would probably like to make a statement. >> okay. >> okay. >> yeah. >> the music that you were playing, prior, and can you tell me is it just all live? did you have djs music after ten? is this what they are hearing the base? >> they are hearing... >> it is all live music.
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and in the ten years time the numbers of times that i can think of it being a dj there is so few and far between, i think it is live music, most of it is acoustic and most of it we have a base for vocal or strings like violin. the things that will get louder is if someone is coming with an electric base or an electric guitar or a key board. those that have amplification, those that come in and use that instrumentation we stress keeping the volume low on it. the performances that we do are seat and they are like 90 percent seated performance and two sets with an intermission. >> it is very much about listening and not about blowing up the room.
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>> you are limited to ten. and isn't that kind of effect your business plan, if you are making a lot of traffic after ten, and now you are limited to ten, don't you think that is going to defeat exactly what you are doing? or have you no problems absolutely shutting it down at ten? >> i think that the main, difference is that we are talking about an hour difference from say like an in the summer hours, so it is just like when it is bright out and it is harder to get people in doors for a show that starts at 8:00 instead of 9:00. but i don't foresee it as being too much of an issue, and at this point, i am very much open to that change. >> so, what my final is, that okay, if obviously this is limited live, and quite a bit different than us that we have poes and we have security at the front making sure that nobody brings alcohol, the smoking cannot be more than 15
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feet from the front door. so the smoke does not go into the building. and it seems like the neighbor is having problems with this. and are you be willing to have a manager on duty? to control these issues? so that there is no, you know, blocking the sidewalks and people are you know x kind of smoking away from the front and orderly and no drinks outside and also with the cell phone number in case the neighbor having dinner at 7:00 and she is being impacted can tell you, can you turn your amplifier down? is that something... >> yes, absolutely. we have for every single event, there, we have a house manager. essentially we call them and we call it an anchor team. the people that anchor the house and introduce the artist to the public and pay the artist and manage the volunteers and they handle everything. and we meet regularly to dialogue and trouble shoot. >> that person is going to have
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to give that phone number possibly to be neighbor or any impacted neighbors around you if we are going to pass this. >> right. >> i would just i plan to talk to them ask them if they would give their numbers and if there is any reason that is uncomfortable with them. we have to get a cell phone that is mandatory for every house manager to have that they respond to every call that comes in. that is very clear to me. >> i just want to say one thing. i understand that you are a small space and i understand that you are a community-based and very community oriented and i understand that most of the people that volunteer and participate are artists. and artists, but now you have come to legalize yourself. which is admirable. but by legalizing yourself you have to abide by the rules. and so, the rules are, that it has to end at ten. not 10:15 and that you are
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going to have to do these things and are you sure you can do it? >> yes i feel very confident about it. >> a point of clarity that i want to be sure is you know, i understand the sound and an event and clearly we can end by ten, then, of course there is a period of time where you need the people to go out and i know that with our neighbors, you know that also just sometimes having the place with people in it and they are charting and talking and makes noise and our intention is to clear it out. >> there is a sound ordinance in the city and you have to control noise. but you know it has to be reasonable. it does not necessarily cover you in speech, but you have to be cognasent of your neighbors otherwise they are going to get a set of symbols at three in the morning. and so, have you got to be
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cognasen if you are as community-based as you are, you have to be of the community around you. >> okay. >> all right. >> thank you. >> yes, are you... >> i just want to say thank you for your time and considering this. it is our ten-year anniversary and actually when we got the call from the city, i kind of welcomed it. because it sparks us to rethink what we are doing, and the issue with our neighbor has been a chronic one. we need to resolve it because i personally do not feel good about it. i have not felt good i like to have a better relationship with her. i think that this will help us move in that direction. >> okay, thank you. >> ma'am? >> well the one woman that has already spoke we don't let you come back again, you only get one shot at it. and for all of the people that are here i appreciate your support and i would ask you to
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just accept the presentation that was given. and just for the sake of us getting out of here before midnight. so pull the mic down and tell us your feelings on this. >> i need somebody to speak for us. >> you want her to translate? >> that is fine. no problem. >> my english is not so good. >> that is okay. >> i am in the same boat sometimes. >> the noise... she said, that... use the microphone. >> she said one beer and the people outside and smoking with
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marijuana. and all of the smoke going to her apartment. >> because i live in there. >> okay, we are going to, i think that we have got a real strong commitment from the people that run the club to take into account your concerns and to do everything that they can possible to make it more comfortable for you. >> yeah, because... too much noise in the residential building and not a commercial building. >> i don't know if you heard that, we are limiting the time that we can do this. and we are going to set up a system by which you can contact them and you have a contact information for this person. so i think hopefully you will see vast improvements with those three items implemented. okay.
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>> thank you. >> okay, so do we have... could we get a motion from the commission? >> i move to approve but i want them to enforce the smoking law. which is they have to be at the curb 15 feet from any door, or window of any building, 15 feet, is that what it is? >> i think that it is. and or the curb, whichever is, if you have not got 15 feet you have to be at the curb. so i want them to... i i want to put that as a condition that they enforce smoking. >> i have a question. >> hold on. >> do you guys have a sign posted? maybe by the tree out there that says please smoke at the curb or 15 feet from the door? >> we don't currently have a sign. we can do that. >> have you a prominent tree
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you can post up a couple of signs just to remind people. >> good idea. >> that is my motion. >> okay. >> and i would just like to make sure that there is a phone... or a phone. >> i will amend my motion to include a contact phone for and a phone number be given to the neighbors upstairs. >> okay. very good. >> we have a motion and we have a second in >> second. >> okay, call the roll. >> okay. the permit has been approved with the various amendment and good luck. okay, thank you. >> i see you guys are making too much noise already. >> all right, item 6 d, adam
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fond dba center for new music, 55 taylor, limited live performance permit application. nick? >> so, the center for new music is a non-profit community center and community space located at 55 tail ler and the center is a community space for musicians and space for rehearsal and performances and center for performances on a regular basis. we have not received any specific communications of concern for the use of the permit. >> okay. is the applicant here? >> yeah. >> come on forward. >> thank you, thank you for hearing our application for the permit. my name is adam and i am the founder and the executive director of center for new music san francisco which is a new non-profit organization and we are sponsored by arts which
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is a non-profit organization that is based in san francisco for 30 years. our mission is to serve the musicians of the san francisco bay area, and we have a few different program areas and ways of doing this, of course, none of this has been rolled out yet and we just moved into the space at 55 taylor in october. in the three program areas will be 1, artist services our goal is to connect the artists to each other and develop the careers in music and to give them access to the community events. and to affordable services including rehearsal space and workshops to develop their careers and dry out educational programs and meet collaboratives. >> and we are preparing one or two concerts in the evenings or the weekend per week, these will consist of contemporary or
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classical music, the size of the total space is 4400 feet, the gallery is 16 feet wide, so this space is really appropriate for solo, duo and string quartets we are hoping to get in a piano in. and the third stream of programs is community events which are free or very low cost events that are focused on connecting our musician community with the neighborhood around us and the audience that is interested in learning more and interacting on personal basis, with the people who are passionate about new and contemporary music. so we are a new organization, but the intention is to be a good neighborhood and supporter of the new music community? san francisco which we believe has been strong and has helped to make the city what it is. and we just feel that this community has never really had
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a home. so our intention to to come vied a home for the composers who have been working for a time. the way that the theater supporters support theater companies. we hope to be a catalyst for positive activists in the tender loin neighborhood and to collaborate with existing community organizations >> thank you. >> thank you. >> okay. welcome. good evening, commissioners, i'm officer mike torez, representing captain, we recommend that this permit get approved. just to give you a background about this location. there were problems in the past. there was the conflict between the property owner and the leasee, and the subleasee and they were operating as an illegal nightclub, with no
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liquor license and that lasted for about six months as a result of that, the property owner, the leasee and the subleasee dealt with an illegal courts and the leasee ended up getting evicted and the subleasee, left the place. there was artwork there. but at the end of this whole thing, it was all resolved, when they apply for this permit, the new permit applicants, i made sure that i got letters of support from the property owner, and also, the property manager, which i have in my file if you need a copy of it. if maybe the applicant has copies for you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> members of the public wish to comment on this application?
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>> my name is mona and i am a long-time resident of the tender loin and i really do like it. one of the wonderful things that the captain and the officer that does the permits, i forgot your name. >> and i think that they were very, very good with the community. and i been to community groups and meetings and i try to be involved because it is a lot of different things that are going on in the community. that is going to change. and i want the change to be positive so that all of the neighbors around in the area can be aware, because to be honest, i think that i remember the captain bringing up something about the old porn shop that used to be there turning into this building. but, i never knew what it was.
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because they stayed in this bubble that they did not seem like they wanted to come out of this bubble until i came down here and started questioning. and then they canceled the meeting last month and so i have to rearrange my schedule. i ask you to continue this. if you could continue this, so that they can take this, i don't know, how do you work this thing? >> it is up there. >> and i gave them one of those today. because that chemistry, i understand about the foot traffic could make it better and they have got the golden gate theater going on. they have got the war field and they have buses on that street and then they have the people using the bathroom on the street but it is not as bad as it used to be, it is better. so, but the thing is, is there a lot of activity going on down there and then you got across
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the street with the drug dealers and then you have got... you know, there is a lot going on. and i and the police down there do a great job. they do a great job. but, i just want to know what they are going to do to help support the police when those tour buses are coming up? and parked right there in front of their thing and then they have their concert and the golden gate theater is opened and then you have all of this, you know, put some cameras up and or whatever, and i ask you to continue it so they can bring it to the community. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> for a better district six. >> i have the same issue as
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community out reach. the property is not the same thing as coming out to the community and letting the community know what kind of or how they are going to use the space and i think that the previous speaker, brought up a very important concern of this neighborhood is that when you have these bus that come and use the war field and any type of large thing that is parked in the parking space is used as a barrier so the police or anybody can't see what is going on behind that bus. and so, allowing parking in front of somebody's establishment is a no-no. because, particularly in our neighborhood. because when you have anything large, in the parking space, large or a lot of illegal activity happens. and so, our or my concern would be there is a lot of problems
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on the block of turk as well as taylor and his business is going to be on the block of taylor and the only time that it is really safe is when the golden gate theater, people have their security out there. and that is an additional to the police, and you know i did not hear anything about his safety plan, and i did not hear about how he is going to, what kind of venue, or what he is going to do at his venue. you know, it is a large space, and that there is going to be people coming and going to work on the events that he is going to do. i just kind of heard that he plans on doing things, but not a lot. normally, when they come to or one of our community meetings that we asked about his safety plan and you know, how is it going to impact the neighborhood? >> how is he reaching out to the community? >> i have been hearing much of that of what he has been pointing out. i appreciate that he wants to come to the community and he wants to move into the neighborhood and we welcome him.
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as a new community person. but, he also has to know what is the community and we do have two commissioners that are supposed to be neighborhood reps. and you know, i think that that is what they usually ask about, is well? did you come to the community? so. >> first i would like you to define for me, what is new music? >> what is new music as opposed to old music. >> i lot of people asked that ques and for us we are hoping to support people that don't feel that they have a home in a rock club and don't have a home in a place that hosts singer
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song writer and cannot fill a 300 feet performance hall and we try not to put a lot of stylelistic barriers but we emphasize living composers who are trying to do something different in our mission statement we call it out as creative and non-commercial music. that is subjective. but hopefully that gives you the idea. >> how do you support yourself? how do you pay the rent if you are going to have free events and concerts and this place is very large and you have a occupantcy of 286 and i don't know if that is in your 16 foot space or the whole space? how do you support yourself? >> the business model is not predicated for taking income in from the concert, the revenue streams that we are planning we include, renting out of the rehearsal room and the daytime space for office and administrative use and
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conducting practices for those of us who are part of the staff that which is volunteer. when we qualify for it to seek funding from institutions including private founders and government local and national. and i know that i am forgetting one more. >> fund-raiser shows where the artists are willing to donate their time so that we would take the door instead of the artist >> you understand that this is only to ten at night. >> absolutely. >> not planning on serving any food or alcohol. for us it is really just about giving the artist a space to show their work and you know at the same time, for the meetings, the community meetings that we have been to have been around the central market partnership. we have been enthusiastic to see the investment from new businesses including bars and so that we have places to recommend. >> did you consider going to a lot of residents who is up along turk street, did you consider going to the


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